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Orgasms can do what?!

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An O a day keeps the stress away...




Not only does the big O feel good, orgasms are actually GREAT for you! Masturbation can play a huge role in stress reduction, and as April has been National Stress Awareness Month, it’s only right that we tell you all about how you can relieve your stress through your woo.

We’ve all experienced stress at one point or another. The feeling of being overwhelmed by a task or situation can be tough, but there are many things you can do to de-stress such as:


We believe in the power of the big O and pleasure for women's wellness! The benefits are so good they need to be shouted about (trust us).


Masturbation is amazing for connecting yourself to your body. When we orgasm, our brain is flooded with a feel-good hormone called oxytocin. This is why you’ll find yourself in a much better mood after the big O!


Not only will an orgasm put you in a better mood, it also produces a hormone called prolactin which can help you sleep better. If sleep is something you struggle with when you’re stressed, try some self-care down there to help you doze off. But wait… There’s more. Orgasms can also help with:

  • Relieving period cramps

  • Strengthening your pelvic floor

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Promoting healthier hair

  • Keeping breakouts at bay

Reduce stress, feel good, AND create a healthier you all by having an orgasm.

"The pelvic floor contracts and relaxes during orgasm, therefore, an orgasm can be similar to a mini kegel session." - Christene Lozano, a licensed marriage, family, and sex addiction therapist.


There are loads of breathing exercises you can do to relieve stress and the feelings of anxiety that accompany it. This one in particular is recommended by the NHS specifically for stress, anxiety and panic attacks if those are things you suffer with.


Baths are basically mini therapeutic pools and you can’t tell us otherwise! Run a nice hot bath, light some candles, put on some lo-fi tunes and let all your worries melt away… Our Cranberry Cleanse is not only a pH balanced body wash, but can be used as a bubble bath for added relaxation.

Slide It!

Make sure to keep things sliding and stimulated with our Slide It! Pleasure Lube. Designed with your woo in mind, this water-based lube is perfect for use solo, with a partner or with toys. Apply directly to your skin, or a condom, and let your stress melt away as you reach the big O.

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