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-Do You Build Wordpress Affiliate Stores?

Email sent: Nov 25, 2018 5:32pm
I get quite a few questions from my subscribers about how to build affiliate stores with Wordpress. Today I want to share with you to tool I use to build WP affiliate stores. I am even going to share the actual URL of an affiliate store I built later in this email!
Datafeedr is the service I use to create my affiliate stores. It enables me to easily create professional-looking and search engine friendly stores on Wordpress using affiliate datafeeds from the top affiliate networks including Commission Junction, Linkshare, Clickbank, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network and many others. Here's a link to the Datafeedr site:
In case you are new to the term "datafeed", let me try to explain a little. Many merchants provide feeds or lists of their products to affiliate networks. These feeds include product name, price, description, pictures and sometimes other information.
These feeds are then made available to affiliates to build websites with them. The problem up until now has been that building websites with datafeeds was simply too complex for most affiliate marketers. Datafeedr changes that.
With Datafeedr, any affiliate marketer can build complex affiliate stores with datafeeds and Wordpress. As a matter-a-fact, Datafeedr gives you access to over 119 million products to build affiliate stores with. That number simply astounds me!
I personally love the options I have when I build my affiliate stores. I can use whatever Wordpress theme I want and most plugins and widgets will work just fine with the Datafeedr plugin and widget. 
I can also choose just the merchants or products I want to include in my affiliate store. 
So how do I use Datafeedr?
I spend some time looking through the affiliate networks for products I think have potential. I will usually make a list of 5-10 products or niches. For my WP affiliate stores, I tend to focus on the low hanging fruit (smaller niches with lesser competition).
I then take the products or niches I have researched and start running them through the Google keyword tool and Wordtracker. I try to find a keyword phrase that gets 2k to5k or more searches per month and that seems to have less competition in the search engines.
My next step is to purchase a domain name with the keyword phrase I chose. I then install Wordpress on the domain and upload the Datafeedr plugin. 
I then log into my Datafeedr account and select the exact products and merchants I want to list in my Wordpress store. I can categorize the products however I want. 
My Live Example Wordpress Affiliate Datafeed Store
At the beginning of this email, I promised to share the URL of a website I just built using Datafeedr
For this site, I chose the keyword "outdoor cat houses" and picked dozens of products from a handful of Commission Junction merchants.
I chose this niche because it was not too competitive and the potential commissions were high. The average "outdoor cat house" sells for $200-$300 USD with commissions of 5-8% depending on the merchant.
Without further ado, here is the URL to my new site:
That website now gets about 100 visits per day from Google, Yahoo and Bing for its primary keywords. It generates a few sales per month, easily enough to make the website profitable considering it only costs a few bucks a year to host it!
More About Datafeedr
Ok, now that you have seen one of my websites built with the Datafeedr service, let me tell you a little more about it. Below are the pros and cons of the service:
  • You can quickly create professional-looking affiliate stores with Wordpress. This frees up more of your time to focus on marketing the websites instead of building them.
  • Anyone familiar with Wordpress can use this service with little training.
  • The support seem to be great. I have had very fast email reponse to my questions and the forum is regularly monitored.  
  • The service is regularly updated to improve functionality and to add more affiliate networks and merchant datafeeds.
  • It is a great way for pay-per-click marketers to quickly create landing pages for product specific keywords.
  • It is search engine friendly and uses Wordpress which is also a great SEO tool.
  • It offers a "drip" feature which allows your site to appear to be constantly updated to visitors and to search engines.
  • It is a bit expensive starting at $27 per month. That expense is really an investment though if you promote your affiliate stores correctly. You should be able to make money with this service.
  • You have to be an affiliate of the various networks in order to add products to your store. This isn't really a problem, but can sometimes take time for diferent merchants to approve your affiliate request (many will approve you immediately).
If you are an affiliate marketer who uses Wordpress to build sites, I really encourage you to at least try out Datafeedr. I think you will be very impressed.
The owners of Datafeedr have offered a 10% discount to WP Sales Letter Theme subscribers. If you decide to try out the service, simply enter 49B01B1271 in the coupon code section to secure your discounted price. Here's the link:
Thank you for taking the time to read this long email today. I hope you learned something. Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Jason Keith

JKW Enterprises, Inc, PO Box 6781, Moore, OK 73153, USA

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