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How to Build Backlinks to Your Website: Part 4

Email sent: Mar 5, 2019 5:34pm
Welcome to part 4 of my special series entitled "How to Build Backlinks to Your Websites". I hope you are finding the information useful.
Today I want to talk about blog posts. I'm not talking about blog posts on your own sites. I'm talking about getting your content with links to your site on other people's blogs.
This is similar to article marketing, but even better for SEO because you are able to get your links into the body of an article instead of just the author resource box.
The challenge to this technique though is getting other webmasters to agree to post your content and your links. It can be done, but requires a good amount of emailing back and forth to get done. The best tip is to locate other blogs in your niche or in related niches and email them about posting your content.
I personally don't do that much anymore. Instead, I use blog networks that allow me to post my content to a network where other bloggers will post it. This costs me, but saves tons of time and effort on emailing other webmasters.
I have used four different services to date. Below is a link to each and a brief overview:
  • Backlink Solutions - this network contains over 400 blogs on separate servers in a variety of niches that you can post your content and links to. I personally have had the most success with this service, but it is often full and not accepting new members. You will have to get on the waiting list if you want in. 
  • 1 Way Links - This network is HUGE. It currently contains over 6,000 independently owned and operated blogs in its network. You can submit a certain number of posts each month and earn more submission credits if you add your own sites to the network. 
  • SEO Link Vine - this is a fairly new service that started in the past year. It also contains a ton of sites to post to and I have seen good results from it.
  • My Article Network - this is another massive network containing over 10,000 blogs in its network. It is similar to the 1 Way Links site mentioned above. 
All four of the above sites allow you to submit a spinnable article so that each blog gets a unique copy of your content. They also allow you to use anchor text to link directly to your website. 
By no means do you need memberships to all four sites above. I just wanted to give you options. I personally only keep a membership open to two at a time and then switch up every so often. 
This is an incredibly powerful backlink building technique that will help you rank for long tailed keywords. 
Well that's it for today. I will be back in a few days with yet another installment of this series.
Have a great day!

Jason Keith
WP Internet Marketing Concepts

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