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How to Build Backlinks to Your Websites Part 5

Email sent: Mar 12, 2019 5:32pm
This is part 5 of my series entitled "How to Build Backlinks to Your Websites". Today I want to talk about profile and forum link building techniques.
Before I dive in, let me define what I mean by profile links. There are literally tens of thousands of websites that will allow users to create accounts and have an online profile. Usually in the online profile, the websites will allow users to post links to their website or blogs. That is what we are targeting.
The same holds true with forums. Most every forum or message board allows users to have a profile page where you can post a little about yourself normally including a link to your website or blog.
From an SEO link building standpoint, we can utilize these linking opportunities to grow our incoming links to our websites. 
To find these links, just search Google for forums and message boards then create accounts. There are also many places online where you can purchase lists of sites that allow you to add profile links. One example of such a site is 5000 LinksHere you can purchase a list of 5,000 websites that allow you to create online profiles and leave links back to your websites. 
I personally use a combination of software and outsourcing to get my profile link building done. 
One quality, affordable service to use is Article Aware's Manual Profile Link Service. Here you can outsource your profile link building for rock bottom prices and get a detailed report when the work is finished.
As far as software goes, one really cool program I like is called Profile Link Robot. It automatically creates accounts for you at these sites then submits your profile. It is an automated system for creating quality one-way links. 
In general, profile links are not as high quality links as other types of links. But you can overcome the quality with sheer volume. It is not out of the realm of possibility to build thousands of one way, anchor text links to your sites using profile link building.
Well that's it for today. I hope you found this lesson helpful.
I will be back in a few days with the final part of this series.
Thank you.

Jason Keith
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