10 Things Every Childrens Picture Book Writer Should Know

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“Creativity is a combination of discipline and childlike spirit.”
―Robert Greene

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Congratulations to...

Instructor Barbara Henning, whose poem "Here We Are" was selected as "Pick of the Week" by Best American Poetry. Read Barbara's poem here!

New Writing Tips

10 Things Every Children’s Picture Book Writer Should Know

If you're working on a children's picture book, inspiration is everywhere you look.

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Our Upcoming Courses

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May Classes

The Craft of Poetry (May 5)

with Tantra Bensko | 8 Weeks | $315

Poetry is alive and well. Contemporary poets can be touching, terrifying, and laugh-out-loud funny. Join us for an exploration of writing and reading poems.

The Hero’s Journey For Storytellers (May 5)

with Gloria Kempton | 10 Weeks | $360

Structure your story and give it meaning with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

Mastering the Elements of Fiction (May 12)

with Jack Smith | 10 Weeks | $360

In this course, you’ll work with the basic elements of fiction--the fundamentals that drive the story and determine the quality of the work.

From Journal To Poem Or Prose: The Chronology Of Mind (May 12)

with Barbara Henning | 10 weeks | $430

Gather material through writing and experimenting with journaling, researching and taking notes to develop into poems or prose works.

Creating the Visual Journal (May 12)

with Lissa Jensen | 8 Weeks | $315

Go beyond narrow definitions of “journaling" to include visual images and let writing give what is seen a new voice. Surprise yourself.

Tales From The Memory Palace: 6 to 250 Word Memoirs (May 19)

with Giulietta Nardone | 4 Weeks | $175

If you want to be an in demand storyteller in the digital age, you need to get in, get out and get going. In this "short" four-week memoir writing adventure, you'll learn to scope out, swoop down and snatch up important memories from your life then speed write them into miniature masterpieces.

The Ongoing Fiction Workshop (May 19)

with Shelley Singer | 10 Weeks | $415

Many students have attended this 10-week online fiction workshop with Shelley Singer multiple times, completed novels, and come back to finish more books.

Writing the Short Story (May 26)

with Tantra Bensko | 10 Weeks | $360

Create new work with fresh language, universal themes, sustained mystery and memorable characters. Stimulate your imagination.

Create Story Characters Using the Enneagram (May 26)

with Gloria Kempton | 10 Weeks | $360

In-depth character development using an ancient personality study of human motivation--the Enneagram.

June Classes

Manuscript Review for Children’s Writers: Summer Edition (June 2) NEW!

with Sarah Aronson | 5 Weeks | $250

Instructor Sarah Aronson welcomes all writers who are working on manuscripts for kids and teens. This advanced workshop will focus entirely on the participants' own work in progress.

Experiments in Genre: Finding Creative Inspiration by Messing Up the Rules (June 2)

with Jonathan J.G. McClure | 6 Weeks | $260

Can you translate the movement of a dance into a poem? What happens when you write a story in the form of a multiple-choice quiz? Learn to take your work in rich and unexpected new directions by subverting and blending genre conventions.

Architecture of the Creative Heart: Writing Formal Poetry (June 9)

with David Mills | 6 Weeks | $260

Learn how diving into form—the coherent relationship of all of a poem’s parts—can enhance your creativity and freedom as a poet.

Accessing Your Writer’s Voice (June 9)

with Gloria Kempton | 3 Weeks | $155

Voice: What is it and how do you find yours? Instructor Gloria Kempton offers feedback on assignments in this 3-week online class.

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