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40 Rhetorical Devices You Didn't Know You've Been Using

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“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”
―James Joyce

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Starting This Week

Make Your Prose Sing (November 2)

with Leslie Lawrence | Single-Day Webinar | $89

Enrich your prose with techniques from poetry. Bring paper and pens; leave with a better ear and lots of ideas about how to make your prose sing.


Ordinary to Extraordinary: Turning Everyday Experiences into Poetry (November 2)

with Tina Barry | 4 Weeks | $250

No experience is too small or mundane to serve as a foundation for extraordinary poetry and short fiction.


Scene Study: Strengthen Your Writing with Compelling Scenes (November 2)

with Susan Pohlman | 5 Weeks | $275

Great stories are constructed with great scenes. Immerse your reader in your stories by learning the ropes of scene development.

Short Story

Manuscript Workshop: Writing For Young Readers (November 2)

with Denise Santomauro | 8 Weeks | $395

Author Denise Santomauro leads this intermediate/advanced workshop on writing for children. It offers support, structure and detailed feedback on manuscripts.


The Joy of Poetry: A Beginner-Friendly Workshop (November 2)

with Joy Roulier Sawyer | 4 Weeks | $250

Have you wanted to get into poetry, but don't know where to start? Learn the craft from the Joy of poetry herself in this welcoming workshop.


Comics for People Who Can’t Draw! (November 7)

with Aubrey Hirsch | Single-Day Webinar | $89

Comic strip artists rely much more on creativity than on artistic skill. In this workshop, you'll learn all the tools you need to make fun and engaging comic strips—even if your drawing level is "stick figures."

Lifestyle and Wellness

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Register Now to Lock In Our Current Prices! will be updating to our 2023 course prices next Friday, November 11. To lock in our current prices on any course, register today!

You can also contact us (reply to this email before next Friday) to gift one or more 2023 courses at current prices. Our courses make wonderful holiday gifts for the writers in your life. Learn more here.

New Writing Tips

Rhetorical Devices: The Art of Argument

The strategies that writers use to move and persuade their readers.

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Our Upcoming Courses

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November Courses

Food Writing: Meals And Manuscripts (November 9)

with Jennifer Billock | 8 Weeks | $395

Do you love cookbooks, cooking, or reading anything about food? This food writing course is for you. With award winning writer Jennifer Billock.

Personal Essay

How to Craft a Poem (November 9)

with Zining Mok | 6 Weeks | $330

A poem has many moving parts, from sound and rhythm to form, voice, and figurative language. Weave these elements into richer, fuller poetry.


Poetic Prose: The Prose Poem (November 9)

with Barbara Henning | 10 Weeks | $460

Explore the border between prose poetry and flash fiction. For writers of fiction, poetry, essay and memoir.


Writing with Consistency and Courage (November 12)

with Tamara Dean | Single-Day Webinar | $89

What makes a successful writer? It's not talent, craft, or even the right connections—it's consistency and courage.

Lifestyle and Wellness

Getting Started Marketing Your Work (November 16)

with Gloria Kempton | 4 Weeks | $235

Solve the mystery of marketing and get your work out there in front of readers in this 4-week online class taught by Instructor Gloria Kempton.

Lifestyle and Wellness

Poetry Workshop: Bring Your Poems to Life (November 30)

with Rosemary Tantra Bensko | 8 Weeks | $395

Join us for this workshop on creating powerful poems—poems that are clear and organized, fresh and moving, full of life.


Simple Winter Sanity-Saving Writing Circles (November 30)

with Susan Vespoli | 4 Weeks | $250

Write your way to the finish line of 2022: let go of and say goodbye to a momentous year, honor the changes in yourself and the world, and set your intentions for a new chapter.


Accessing Your Writer’s Voice (November 30)

with Gloria Kempton | 3 Weeks | $195

Voice: What is it and how do you find yours? Instructor Gloria Kempton offers feedback on assignments in this 3-week online class.

Lifestyle and Wellness

The Wandering Heart: Tales of Connection (November 30)

with Giulietta Nardone | 4 Weeks | $235

Wander through the rooms of your own life to discover stories of deep connection, reconnection or loss of connection and fashion your findings into stories suitable for blog posts, essays, short memoirs, short plays, scenes in screenplays, or chapters of novels.


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