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No time for love, Dr Jones. This is a busy week with four big card releases and three family board games to get through. 
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No time for love, Dr Jones. This is a busy week with three big card releases and three family board games to get through. Magic the Gathering is combining two popular formats, the Zombie Kidz are growing up and there are dwarves making a ruckus in the Shire, let’s get to it!
Commander Legends is in and shipping now with the Arm for Battle and Reap the Tides decks available alongside the new 20-card draft boosters. That’s right, we’re getting a specially designed Commander Draft set! Wizards have pulled out all the stops with fan-favourite reprints being joined by 165 new cards drawn from all over the MtG Multiverse giving us 361 cards in total. Collectors will also be pleased with the variant cards as borderless Planeswalkers, extended alt-art cards and the blinging new foil-etched Legendary Creatures add a touch of class to proceedings.
Commander Legends
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Our latest release for Cardfight!! Vanguard is Storm of the Blue Cavalry, an 89-card set with 81 of those being brand new. Players will find support for Aqua Force, Nubatama, Nova Grappler & Great Nature. Each of the clans has a Vanguard rare to watch out for except the lucky Great Nature who have bagged two. As you’d expect from the Lambros cover art, Aqua Force will find a lot to like here but there are plenty of goodies for the other clans too and fun to be had with Famous Professor Bigbelly.
Storm of the Blue Cavalry
Expansion sets 14 Battle Advanced and 15 Battle Enhanced have just dropped for Dragon Ball Super. Each of these packs has 10 holographic cards, 3 boosters and a die. These are the first official deice we’ve seen for the game so we expect them to be in very high demand. The expansion sets also include 5 new cards each to power up archetypes from the Unison Warrior series 1 & 2.
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Board Games
Zombie Teenz Evolution
Riding the success of Zombie Kidz Evolution, the cartoony undead menace are back for more in Zombie Teenz Evolution. The gameplay loop sees the teenagers back in school collecting ingredients for their antidote but being a legacy game there are 14 game-changing envelopes to open during the campaign, so the initially super-simple rules grow as the younger players get familiar with them. With individual sessions running under 30 minutes, this is a great co-op challenge for gaming on a school night.
Islands of the Mist
Islands in the Mist is a 2-4 player exploration game where players travel around their personal islands in hot air balloons, peering through the fog to map the land below and earn points for what they find. The ever-changing player order keeps things spicy as players choose which map tiles they want to lay before a wind direction is chosen. There are also two extra variant rulesets in the box so you’re effectively getting 3 games in one package.
We’ve got refreshing Middle Earth worker placement this week in The Hobbit – An Unexpected Party. Rather than focusing on war, dragons and rings, this is a family-friendly reminder that The Hobbit is also an excellent children’s book. Up to four players will spend an hour causing havoc at Bilbo’s house in Bag End by generally making a mess and loudly singing about their confused host. Points are tallied either at Thorin’s arrival or when the song is finished. Whoever did the best job at rousing Bilbo’s curiosity without making him angry is the winner.
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We don’t know about you but this week’s releases have us all in a spin as we choose what to play first. While we decide, we need to congratulate R Coman & C Bua-Mann on winning last week’s challenges and earning themselves £10 website credit each. There are two fresh challenges below, for your chance to win a £10 credit, get your answers in to puzzles@chaoscards.co.uk and we’ll notify the winners on 27th Nov. Good luck everyone and happy gaming.
Challenge 1
Which mountain are the party trying to reclaim in The Hobbit?
Challenge 2
What’s the term for a hot air balloon pilot?
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