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Get to know which CBD is the right choice for you.

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Get to know which CBD is the right choice for you.
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To provide natural products as tools to help you achieve better health, live with more happiness and transform your life.

A Broad Spectrum CBD Oil contains nearly all of the nutrients found naturally within the hemp plant. The chemical missing from Broad Spectrum is the plant's psychoactive chemical, THC.

Because THC is the chemical commonly detected in drug testing, Broad Spectrum CBD is ideal for anyone who is regularly subjected to drug testing in their job.

Do keep in mind that some drug tests may simply test for cannabinoids, and any CBD product will test positive with that. It is best to find out what your work's drug test is detecting before committing to any CBD product.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil will contain all the hemp plant's nutrients and chemicals, including up to 0.3% THC by dry weight. This runs the incredibly high risk of showing up on a drug test, so don't purchase these products if you don't need them!

The benefit to Full Spectrum over Broad is an increase in pain relief as well as some side benefit in boosted anti-inflammatory action and potential anti-cancer effects. And no, it won't get you high.

Finally, there is a third kind of product that you should be aware of. These products are CBD Isolates, which have filtered out all of the hemp plant's nutrients except for CBD.

CBD Isolates are generally cheaper to buy, but they have very little effect. For CBD to be most effective, it ought to be used as part of the whole plant extract. CBD Isolates ignore this and thus bring you very little benefit.

By making sure you buy only Broad or Full Spectrum products, you can ensure you are getting better CBD. The next time you see fifty different CBD products, you’ll know what’s up. You’ll be able to distinguish between the good and the bad. You’ll know how to get the best and…

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