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There are more effective ways of taking CBD that what they teach you. Get the most out of it. Start taking by taking it the right way.

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There are more effective ways of taking CBD that what they teach you. Get the most out of it. Start taking by taking it the right way.
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For A Better Life

To provide natural products as tools to help you achieve better health, live with more happiness and transform your life.


It is impossible to know exactly what amount of CBD will be just right for you. Luckily, your body will help you know when you are taking too much or too little. Yes.Life will help you know what your body is saying.

So, where to begin? Tinctures (the liquid oil) is the perfect place to start. Take a full dropper of CBD, once per day (about 1mL). Some people like to split this up into a half dropper in the morning, and a half dropper at night. But this doesn't work for everyone.

If you find the CBD has consistently done nothing during the first month, you probably need a higher dose. By contrast, if you feel like it is making your drowsy and putting your brain “in a fog,” you probably need to cut back.

Because CBD is working to increase your body's anandamide levels, too much can make you drowsy or lower cognitive function. It isn’t anything dangerous, but it can be annoying - if you are experiencing these effects with your CBD, then you should cut back on the amount you are taking. 

Some people are simply more sensitive to CBD. The good news is, your product will last longer with a smaller dose!

It may take up to two or three weeks to fully feel the effects of the CBD. If three weeks have passed, and things are still off, then you likely will need to change your dose.

Our last bit of advice for taking the Yes.Life CBD drops is to squirt it under the tongue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds, and the longer the better. This will allow the CBD to diffuse into your bloodstream more quickly, giving you greater benefits faster.

Drinking water afterwards to wash out the CBD is perfectly fine. 


If you have any issues with your products, reach out to Yes.Life for support! Yes.Life is here to help you live a better life, regardless of which product you’ve purchased.

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