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Do you ever wish you could pull the plug and reboot your life the way you can reboot your computer?


 2020 has been characterized by dramatic shifts and some unwelcome and shocking changes impacting every single one of us. This week consider committing to a complete reset for your body, mind, and heart with our special Reset Refuge 7-Day Gentle Yoga Immersion with Elise Fabricant.




Change your body, change your thought process, change your life!

  • Our HardCORE Yoga Program is a 4-week intensive workout program designed for experienced yoga students, athletes, or anyone looking for a super-intense power yoga home workout. This program is hard, it will get you into incredible shape, and you will see results.

    The HardCORE Yoga Program consists of weight training workouts, cardiovascular exercise, and yoga classes designed to build lean muscle tone, increase stamina and cardiovascular health, and stretch and lengthen every muscle group. 
  • "If you are scrolling and wondering whether to do this program or not...the answer you are looking for is YES. absolutely YES!" 
    ~ Keziah B.
  • For a limited time get this program for 50% OFF
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Reset Refuge: 7-Day Gentle Yoga Immersion Program
Elise Fabricant ~ 35 mins
Reset Refuge: Come Home to Yourself
Elise Fabricant ~ 30 min
Reset Refuge: Bliss Out and Be Blessed
Elise Fabricant ~ 30 min
Reset Refuge: Crazy Day Decompression
Elise Fabricant ~ 30 min




Cat & Cow Pose (Marjaiasana & Bitilasana)

Cat & Cow postures are a classic combination of poses connected with breath, and are accessible and beneficial for all levels of yogis. These postures open and warm-up the entire spine, help alleviate most kinds of back pain, and build a foundation for connecting movement with breath. While simple, these poses are powerful in opening the entire body.

-Lengthens and opens the entire spine
-Cat & Cow is an excellent combination of postures to heal back pain
-Lengthens the back of the neck
-A simple pose to learn how to move in and out of yoga poses with your breath
-Place fists on the mat instead of palms for wrist sensitivity

Cat & Cow pose open all of the chakras of the body, but opens the Root Chakra (Mulhadara) especially. Since movement initiates from the tailbone, where Root Chakra energy resides, this pose, moves from the ground up and creates a deeper sense of groundedness and stability. Cat & Cow also opens the Heart Chakra, Anahata, bringing balance to this center of love and compassion.

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