what is a dry oil?

Email sent: Jul 17, 2021 1:02am


during the lockdown, I spent a bit of time on the phone to some of our best customers

so many things about those conversations have stayed with me

mostly how people use the blends to consciously manage how they feel

that's what they're for so it's great to know people are doing that!

another thing I heard over and over is how quickly our body oils are absorbed into the skin

and how important that is for incorporating them into your day

I was asked if my oils were dry oils?

dry oil is of course quite a strange term - so what does it mean?

how can something liquid be dry?

and if there are dry oils - can there be wet oils?

when an oil is referred to as a dry oil - it means the essential character of the oil - and how it leaves your skin feeling

what characterises a dry oil is that it is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids

what that means in practice is that it is absorbed so rapidly into the skin that it leaves no residue

it actually means much more than that too - it means a lot for your skin and preserving a healthy cell structure to keep you glowing

which I'll go into next week

but for now - please apply the body oils and feel how easily they absorb on your own skin

see how they leave your skin feeling

(dry, but not dry)

I'll tell you next week about what's going on below the surface - but for now - I'd love you just to feel it

stay well,


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