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If risk and return are related to investing then we should all take more risks to get those higher returns, right? 

Not necessarily!

In today's featured post, you'll learn some of the best ways to find out how risk-averse you are. 

We'll also show you 4 spending habits to avoid, 7 things to know about SpaceX stock, and how to set yourself up financially in early adulthood.   

Plus, Maggie's review Katie Quinn's new Cheese, Wine, and Bread cookbook that's not a cookbook!


How Risk Averse Are You? Here Are the Best Ways to Find Out?

All of the recent hype surrounding Gamestop, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and meme stocks made me question - is anyone risk averse anymore?

Does anyone value consistent returns over the 50/50 gamble to win big or lose it all?

Of course, I know the answer is “yes.” There are over $4 trillion in passive funds right now, which means there are a ton of people employing a long-term investment strategy.

But still, it feels like everyone is gambling with their hard-earned income like it's their first time in Vegas. And it's partially true.

While many people are investing in index funds and other traditional investments, Dogecoin (crypto that started as a meme… yes, a meme) has a market cap of nearly $50 billion!

Ford doesn’t even have a $50 billion market cap.

As I felt in a hint of FOMO surrounding all of these fast-growing investments, it felt like a good time to reexamine why I’m passing on these types of investments in the first place - because of the risk they carry.

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In response to yesterday's question, what is one quote that has always motivated you?

Tracy S -"Don't sweat the small stuff!!"

Debbie P - " There is ALWAYS a positive to a negative."

Avatar - "Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard and be evil."

Today's question: 🤔What is one item you should never cheap out on?

Hit reply and let us know!

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