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--Learn to Cut Costs on a Road Trip + Board the "Doom" Buggie + and more!

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Who doesn't love a good road trip? But man, sometimes they can be more expensive than you thought!

In today's featured post, you'll find 25 ways to cut costs on your next road trip.

Some cool ideas here...

Today's Cool Blog Posts include how to save money as a college student, interesting and engaging company Facebook pages, and 25 of the best side hustles to try this year.

Plus, get ready to board the "Doom Buggies" for the Muppets haunted mansion. 


25 Ways to Cut Costs on a Road Trip

An impromptu road trip can sound exciting and spontaneous. But if you’re wondering how to save money on a road trip, a little bit of planning can go a long way.

While a road trip can be a low-cost way to travel, keeping expenses in check often means deciding where you want to go, the vehicle you’ll take, where you’ll be stopping on the road trip, and your overall budget.

Here are some easy ideas for road tripping on the cheap.

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Look Alive! It's Time to Board a Doom Buggie for the Muppets Haunted Mansion
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