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The End of an Era. Big news from our founders...

Dear customers, we want to fill you in on some big changes happening at 31 Bits.

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Dear customers, we want to fill you in on some big changes happening at 31 Bits.
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To our amazing customers,

From the beginning of 31 Bits, our mission has been about long-lasting change. It’s been about using employment and education to provide empowerment and autonomy. That's why no matter where we work, we always have an exit strategy in place. That way when the time comes to leave, we won't be missed.

So here's the big news: after more than a decade in Uganda and graduating more than 150 Ugandan women out of our program, the time has come for us to leave and we've closed our operations in that beautiful community. Of course, before we left we supported the program until all of the current artisans had graduated.

We’ve always been transparent with our customers, so here’s why we've made this decision: as styles and trends have become more minimal, we’ve used less and less of the paper beads created in Uganda.

Without using that material in large volumes, supporting our program there actually becomes counter-productive: it makes Ugandans unsustainably dependent on us instead of autonomous, and it reduces our ability to scale our business to maximize our worldwide impact.

Speaking of worldwide impact, we know this is only the beginning of our story, and rest assured, nothing about our mission has changed.

Quite the opposite. We’re still working with our incredible artisans in Indonesia and actively pursuing other opportunities to provide dignified work where it's needed. Your continuing support of 31 Bits fuels our continuing support of others. It really does make a difference.

As we make this change, over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing stories on our website, email, and social media accounts to celebrate all that has happened in Uganda. It's been a transformative experience not only for our friends there, but also for us, so we want to reflect on it.

One more thing: we simply can’t celebrate our work in Uganda without celebrating our customers. Your purchases over the last decade have had incredible, lasting impact and our work wouldn’t be possible without you. Whether you ordered something online for yourself or a gift for a friend, or even just told someone in line at the grocery store where your necklace came from, YOU are the reason 31 Bits exists, which means YOU are the reason our friends in Uganda are achieving their dreams.

This also means that this is your LAST CHANCE to get your hands on our collection of Ugandan artisan-made jewelry. Just click here to shop the collection now. Stock is very low on lots of it and we hope you find a piece you love to remember and honor the incredible work of which YOU have been a part.


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