A search engine for email newsletters

We make your email newsletters findable, browsable, and searchable.

Life beyond the inbox

Get new customers

Your emails are great for retaining existing customers, but now they can help you find new customers, as well. Milled helps customers who aren't already on your mailing list find you.

Add shelf life to your emails

Your team works hard to build emails that only live for 1-2 days. On Milled, they'll last forever: attracting customers, generating leads, and driving traffic.

Set it and forget it

Once you add us to your existing mailing list, and your emails will be posted automatically. No need to schedule ahead of time or cut new assets.

How it works

Just add us to your mailing list

Any emails that we receive will be posted automatically.


We speak email

A unique email address unique to your brand. Just add it to your existing mailing list.

It's fully automatic

Your email will be posted within minutes. We'll archive images and remove tracking tags so that you have nothing to worry about.

Play by your rules

You have full control over which emails are displayed on Milled.

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