Yappy Thanksgiving Eve! 🍗 🍴 🍂

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Heyo! How’s it goin’, folks?

We hope that your holiday preparations don’t have you running around like a dog caught in a hula hoop.

hula derp MayTheTriForceBeWithYou via Imgur

And if you are running around like a dog caught in a hula hoop (but you know, more stressed and less GIFworthy), let’s talk ya through some tips.

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If you don't know, now you know 🦃

Thanksgiving scraps to keep away from your dog 🐶 🍽

Your dog has spent all year practicing for Thanksgiving, getting those big beautiful begging eyes in maximum awwwwww-mode (that’s right, SIX W’S!)

But try as they might to guilt you into a taste of that Thanksgiving feast, make sure to stand your ground on these scraps- it’s for their own good.

talk about dog peopleFreshPet via Giphy

  1. Bones. We know, we know! Dog and Bone feels like the Romeo & Juliet of the dinner table: who are we to keep them apart? But cooked bones can splinter and become a choking hazard. And that makes for one seriously unhappy ending. “For never was a story of more woe than this of Drooliet… and her Boneo.” 🎭
  2. Turkey Skin. That herby, buttery, salty skin might be your Uncle Jim’s favorite part of the bird, but don’t let him send any Fido’s way. All that fat and salt can be bad for your buddy. So savor that skin, and maybe toss a small piece of turkey breast instead. 🦃
  3. Stuffing. Turkey gets all the PR, but we all know that stuffing is the real hero of the Thanksgiving table. The catch: it usually contains a lot of garlic and onions, both of which are toxic for pups. So do the noble thing and put a little more on your plate, just for you. That’s right. Can’t let the dog get to it! Better eat some more. Yes. Very good. 🍴
  4. Booze. The Thanksgiving paradox: drinking is a great distraction from awkward family talk, and your dog is a great distraction from awkward family talk; but mixing them together just doesn’t work. Unless you want a lot of awkward family talk in the Vet’s waiting room. 🍻

Check out a complete list of Thanksgiving staples to watch out for here or gobble on down to the funny stuff all our friends are talking about 👇

Pass the butter...and the knowledge:  
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Cool 💩 we picked up at the dog park

Fact: The Thanksgiving table is better with a dog

Andi for the weenBarkPost via Youtube

Remember what I was saying about booze and dogs at the same time? Here’s how to do it right.

Take a deep breath and watch the full video HERE.

That dog's name is Andi, by the way:  
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This week in “She’s lucky she’s so cute”

what did we say about eating turkey?via

If there are any faux-paws at dinner– like maybe Dad goes for seconds before cousin June even gets a plate (she was changing the baby, you jerk!)– cool the fam down by reminding them how much worse it could be.

And we’re sure Maia’s parents are thankful that you can buy poop bags in bulk.

"I'm stuffed. Get it?"  
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This dog is literally us on Thanksgiving

mmmlllllommmmShowmenoodz via Instagram

If things REALLY get awkward at dinner (eg, if you catch your Grandma saying, “I thought Brandon was your brother’s roommate!”) cue up this video and watch the drama melt away. I can tell you honestly that I’ve watched this for like ten minutes straight and it’s holding up puh-retty well. Full vid. Sound on.

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Adoptable Dog Of The Week

Rocky, Bully Mix, 4.5 years old, Las Vegas


Like so many dogs in need of a forever home, Rocky has had some hard times. He’s waited nearly two years to be adopted; he underwent surgery for bladder stones, which very nearly claimed his life; and yet he’s still just a happy, loving, and playful dog who’d make an incredible and loyal family companion.

As playful as he is, he’s just as happy relaxing by himself under his favorite blanket or being lazy with his favorite human (which could be you, if you play your cards right). And on top of it all, he’s great with other dogs and couldn’t care less about cats. In fact, Rocky is so wonderfully well-rounded that we’re kind of flabbergasted he hasn’t been adopted yet.

If you’re interested in taking this perfect guy home with you, please email

Let's get this pup adopted!  
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Okay, that's all for today. Have a happy, healthy holiday, fellow dog people. We are thankful every day for this community and, of course, all of the amazing pictures and videos you send us. If you have any highlights this Thanksgiving, send them our way! Bone appetit!


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