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Guess who (plus free dance tix)

Hint: He sang the number one song of all time, and he's coming out to play with us... 💃

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Hint: He sang the number one song of all time, and he's coming out to play with us... 💃
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Cubby Checker
Boyz II Men

Friend — he's the Rock N' Roll legend behind the 👏 number. one. song. of. all. time.👏 (à la the Billboard charts) and the mischievous dance sensation behind The Twist, the Pony, the Fly, the Hucklebuck and the limbo. 🔥

Chubby Checker gave rise to the very idea of "dancing apart to the beat," and now he's coming in hot to teach us what it means to dance with reckless abandon. 💃

So on Saturday, April 17th — you’re invited to throw on your poodle skirt, cuff up your jeans, slide into your best white socks and beam Daybreaker LIVE straight to your pad for the ✨first-ever virtual sock hop.

It’s a Rock N’ Rollin’ Spring Fling, our homage to the golden ‘50s — and we’re coming out to play with our friends at AARP, who are making tix free for the whole Daybreaker fam. 🕶

Spring Fling.
Motown magic.

Let’s set the scene. 🎬✨ It’s the first warm, sunny day of Spring and there’s a spark in the air. You hear from Sally that Chubby Checker is coming to town for a big, secret bash — and suddenly you feel that urge… To let your hair down (or grease it up), turn the jukebox up and literally kick your shoes right off. You want to dance. 💃


If you’re a cool cat, a rebel without a cause, or just want to get your hand jive on — this dance party is for you. We’ll rock around the clock from 11am – 1pm Eastern Time to bounce and slow dance in socked feet. 🧦

Oh, and in case Sally didn’t say… Our friends at AARP are empowering this experience—so you get first dibs on a spot with your RSVP ('cause you know this one will fill up lickety-split). 🎟

The run-of-show? 🤫 Daybreaker co-Founder and Mama Radha will kick it off with a gentle, energizing 15 minute warm-up to wake up our bodies. Our MC Elliott LaRue (total dreamboat) will get us in the mood to groove, and vintage disc jockey Jonathan Jacobs will throw on the vinyl to spin some good ol’ Rock N’ Roll classics for the dance party. 🎸🎶


We’ll save some of the surprises for the show — but expect a proper twist-showdown from Chubby Checker, a taste of Key West Rock n’ Roll from The Swayzees, a live one-song concert from Postmodern Jukebox and feisty moments on the dance cam.

Let’s just say it will be like your dream American Bandstand moment coming to life. This era in dance is all about having fun — and we’re going to make it rock. 💋


See you on the (virtual) dance floor.

With love & mischief,
// Radha + Eli + Tim + Tiffany + Kseniya + D'angelo + Robert + Reagan


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