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March Newsletter: The Elysium co-founders share their vision for the future

Our March news includes the Elysium co-founders’ vision for the future and why you should swap your omega-3s for Matter.

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Our March news includes the Elysium co-founders’ vision for the future and why you should swap your omega-3s for Matter.
On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the launch of Elysium Health, the three co-founders—Eric Marcotulli, Dan Alminana, and Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.—sat down to talk about the origins of the company. This is a continuation of the conversation featured in the February newsletter, looking ahead to what will be the company’s 10-year anniversary in 2025.

Can you talk about your predictions for Elysium’s 10-year anniversary?

Lenny: We now can see a paradigm emerging from Elysium. The paradigm is to marry together our products for human health, based on research in aging, with next generation tests. Now, people can easily access and gain insight into, first of all, their own baseline health and wellness status. Moreover, customers can monitor whether their health improves over time. Together, these represent a wholly different approach to how we think about measuring health and wellness.

It’s not just rethinking current measures, it’s introducing entirely new measures that have never before been possible. I think that the entry point for that is Index because Index represents the highest level of technology for measuring aging. We're at the point of testing it rigorously for Basis. We already have Index data that has allowed us to associate NAD+ levels with aging. That's important, but in the future, I think we'll be able to develop both derivatives of Index and new measures for anything that we're interested in pursuing as a company, and that includes NAFLD for liver and cognitive decline for the brain. For example, we plan to soon offer an application of Index that monitors brain health and the potential effects of lifestyle changes.

Eric: To elaborate a bit on Lenny's point around aging as a field and where it is now, when we look at the 10-year mark for Elysium, which is not that far off, I think we're already beginning to see the evolution. It's that the conversations—the tone, and the nature of the discussions—are very different than when we started this business, and when we started talking about it even years before we launched. We now, collectively, believe the market for healthspan and longevity technologies will be one of the largest and most important of all. That represents an incredible change in mindset in just a decade.
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