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“I look in the mirror and cry”

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A heartbreaking story about a college girl with a terrible case of eczema came across my desk recently. 

She only owns a small handheld mirror, which she stows away in her drawer most of the time. She wears long clothes that cover her arms and legs (even during summer). Her dry and flaky face adds to her stress because she worries people think her skin condition is infectious, so they don’t go near her.

In her story, she explains how she noticed her entire body in the mirror on accident. And burst into tears. 

She said she looked like a burn victim:

Massive rashes smothered the entirety of her shoulders, elbows, and neck. Scars and bloody marks covered her ankles, knees, under her breasts, and hands. And she tried rubbing, patting, or slapping instead of itching. But nothing provided the relief she needed. 

Worst part? 

Her eczema bleeds into every other part of her life:

She dreads falling asleep because she wakes up bloody — no matter how many layers or gloves she wears at night. She has no solution for her constant, nagging itches and blames herself for her lack of self-control. And she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be with her attractive boyfriend because she thinks her skin looks hideous. 

This added stress only heightens her eczema breakout, creating a wicked downward spiral. (Remember: Stress is often the most common cause of eczema outbreaks!) 

Reading her story reminded me a lot of my experience with eczema. It wrecked my self-esteem, my social life, and, of course, my skin. 

Here’s why I bring it up:

If I could give this young girl advice, as someone who has felt like she feels, I would tell her about “The 3-Step System For Sensitive Skin.” 

What's The 3-Step System For Sensitive Skin?

Step 1: Cleanse your face and body (using our Ultra Gentle Face Wash and Body Wash
Step 2: Hydrate & lock in moisture (using our Mother of all Creams
Step 3: Strengthen your skin from within (using our latest product, Free To Be Me Skin Supplement

Let’s talk about our new Free To Be Me Skin Supplement for a second:

Free To Be Me addresses the root cause of eczema. And it's one of the only eczema products which strengthens your skin from within. 


Because our in-house holistic physicians spent years developing this unique formula, which supports the 6 building blocks of healthy, glowing, and itch-free skin. 

Since it helps your skin from the inside out, it not only gives you long-term protection, but it also helps minimize future eczema flare-ups if they happen. 

It works synergistically with Mother of all Creams (or any other topical medication you use), to help you achieve healthier, glowing skin in less time. 

Each ingredient is not only backed by clinical trials, but our physicians used the exact dosage amount in Free To Be Me as the clinical trials used. That's rare for eczema supplements. 

And it’s easier to incorporate into your daily skin routine than creams and lotions because it’s a supplement. No worrying about staining your clothes. Smelling like a pungent fragrance all day. Or scheduling yet another appointment with your dermatologist. 

(While Mother of All Creams doesn’t stain your clothes or smell pungent, many eczema creams do.) 

But with Free To Be Me… 

Just take 2 vegan capsules in the morning and feel free in your skin all day!

If your eczema story is as dire as the one I shared above... 

Or if you just want to protect yourself against future flare-ups in the most effective way... 

Place your order for Free To Be Me Skin Supplement using the link below: 

>>Try Free To Be Me Skin Supplement here 

(Make sure you check out our list of natural, plant-based ingredients which help you ​​Feel The Yahhhhh! From the Inside, Out.) 

And if you place your order before Friday (10/14), you can take 30% off your order by clicking the coupon button on Amazon. 

Plus, every order of Free To Be Me comes with a 6-month, money-back guarantee. 

Jill “you can love your mirror again” Hse 

P.S. A few customers have written in and asked why they would need Free To Be Me Skin Supplement if they’re already using our Mother of all Creams. I’ll reveal why later today. Stay tuned! 

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