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tantrum, grease, bananas, ginger, Funyuns, and a secret ingredient
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If you didn't watch "How I met your Mother" then the subject line will not mean anything.

But Barney from the show had a special hangover fix with some pretty weird stuff in it:

It contains tantrum, grease, bananas, ginger, Funyuns, and a secret ingredient.

It kinda looked like Lean Greens too!

The point is we have some pretty weird methods to help us cure the dreaded hangover.

Why are we talking about this stuff? 

Well my last email told of the pain of hangovers when you get beyond 40!

A friend of mine just turned 40 last week and overnight he's become a lightweight (very much like me to be fair)

If you like to indulge at this time of year... perhaps a little more than you should, then consider a hangover fix that seems to work wonders.

Lean Greens

It's a brilliant hangover fix... and if you saw my message from the other day (copied below), we've got a special offer for Lean Greens on subscription.

Simply register for "Preferred", our auto-ship subscription program... and we'll chuck in a bottle of Amber Boost and Drift Off with your first order.

A bonus worth £40!

And both will help with the hangover too!

Here's the simple instructions:

STEP 1: Go here to join Lean Greens on subscription. 

STEP 2: Once signed up send an email to Ellie ([email protected]) and ask to add The Hangover Pack to your first subscription order.

STEP 3: Drink, be merry and have less hangovers :)

WARNING. Do not wait, we've only got a limited number of the BONUS products, and the majority of them are already taken after the other day's email

Tim "Barney Stinson" Goodwin

P.S. Here's the email from the other day introducing this offer...

Remember your 20s? 

When going out on a Friday night was just the warm up act for a full on Saturday.

We took it in our stride.

A bit of a hangover was the reward for a great night out.

Those days are certainly over.

Half a shandy means feeling rough the next day, and the volume from the kids turns up to 11

Even escaping to walk the dogs in the peaceful outdoors, is met with hot and cold shakes like Renton from Trainspotting

Good news tho' Christmas Party season is coming (god help us)

Thankfully the 'gods' from Lean Greens are coming to the rescue.

You might not have discovered this yet, but our signature product, Lean Greens, doubles as the killer hangover cure.

If you're wanting to be vaguely functional the morning after the night before, Lean Greens will be your saviour.

So this week I've set up a little offer to get you some secret hangover cure sent to you on autopilot

INTRODUCING the "Christmas Party Hangover Fix"

I know, catchy title eh ;)

Here's how it goes down.

When you join our subscription program, you'll get it at the lowest rate of just £40 (saving over 16% on the price you'll find on Amazon, and the best way to buy Lean Greens consistently).

You'll get FREE shipping for as long as you remain a subscriber...

But we'll also bundled in two BONUS products with your first order.

Both designed to help with your hangover.

1. Amber Boost - our turmeric capsule which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory, to reduce the pounding head.

2. Drift Off - our magnesium capsule to help you get a better nights sleep, recovering from the hangover faster.

These two bonus products are worth £40...

Here's the simple instructions:

STEP 1: Go here to join Lean Greens on subscription

STEP 2: Once signed up send an email to Ellie ([email protected]) and ask to add the hangover pack to your first order.

STEP 3: Drink, be merry and have less hangovers :)

WARNING. Do not wait. 

We've only got a limited number of the BONUS hangover products available (50 maximum).

And this email is going out to 1000's of our customers AND I'll be posting on the Facebook page too.

Feel free to send this to friends and family who don't know about the Lean Greens hangover conquering capabilities.

Speak soon

Tim "Lightweight Shandy Drinker" Goodwin

P.S. here's the link again to go join Lean Greens subscription: 

Tim & Sam Goodwin
Lean Greens
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Email us any time [email protected]

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Lean Greens on Subscription


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