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Change. Bring it on!

If there's one thing for sure in life it's that everything changes, and far from resisting it, Sugru-ers love change - we relish the opportunity to make things better, and more suitable for our new needs. And when life inevitably moves on again, we know we can continue to adapt - not just ourselves but everything around us too!

Whether it's a new school year, kids moving away to college, moving house, renovating, a new job, or any number of other exciting things, September often brings out the opportunity for a new start. Enjoy it! 

Upcycle jars to store things not only on shelves, but under shelves too!

Continuing with our love of empty jam jars, this idea works equally well in the office, workshop or kitchen - anywhere you have shelves and need to store small things. So start saving your jars guys! Sugru works really well for this because it bonds to almost any surface, you won't need to drill and if things change (they will!) and you want to remove them again later, you can! For more on this project and lots of other clever ideas check out our Back to School hacks section on

Another awesome Back to School hack - keep your pen with your notebook

Never fumble for a pen again. If you carry a notebook everywhere you go to be ready for anything, you probably like to keep your pen with it. We've seen a bunch of you (like Charlotte from Colorado, Miha from Slovenia and David from London) solving this problem with Sugru, and so we made a cute video to inspire more of you to do it too. This is a great use for Sugru if you have some left over from another fix. For tips with this project, head over to the blog on

Clever solutions for students, renters and those who don't want to drill!

Sometimes screws come loose, and curtain and wardrobe rails come toppling down. 


"The rail fell down in my mum's closet. A small piece of Sugru reattached the holders and now it's fixed and holding strong!" 


Annabelle, France

Having everything where you want it in the shower makes it so much better. 

"My shower caddy kept slipping down from where it hangs. I used a small piece of blue Sugru to make a ridge and hey presto it's fixed!"

Thomas, UK.

What do you do when you're renting  and there aren't enough sockets? 

"I have a tiny kitchen, and there weren't enough sockets. I didn't want the extension lead to get wet so I sugru-ed it up on the tiles!"


David, London

Special back to school offer for those stocking up!

Click on the coupon you'd like to use and add the selected products to your basket: 2 3-packs to save 10% or 2 8-packs to save 15%. Or click the button below, add the products and enter the code at checkout. (The coupons are valid for one week until Thursday, September 24, midnight GMT.) Enjoy!

Soften sharp edges and ends on things to make them safer

To celebrate the changing seasons and those of you like Mo (Gran), Emily (Mum) and her daughter Laura (3), three generations of one family of Sugru-ers determined to stay out and about even when it's raining, this hack deserves a special mention for being the cutest we've seen in the last few weeks. All the sharp ends are softened with Sugru and Laura can now use this amazing umbrella to her hearts content! Nice one Mo!

Fix of the month.

Beth in New Orleans knows that if she's not happy with something, she can change it! She was bored on her treadmill and while she's not a big music listener or tv person, she is an avid reader. She made Sugru holders on there for her book, and attached a cup holder and another fabric holder both designed for cars on either side so she could have her water bottle and cell phone close by too. "I walk on the treadmill rather than run and now that I can read on there, I'm much more motivated to use it and I'm telling everyone I know about my hacks!

We love this hack because it has really improved Beth's experience of her treadmill. So often, we don't even realise we can improve an experience. With some very simple ideas, she's made it work much harder for what she wants. Go Beth!

And... Sugru-ers of the month!

Ciaran and Laura lived for 2 years in Japan, and recently decided to move back home to Ireland. Most of us would book a flight, but not Ciaran and Laura - they decided to cycle...all the way! They're just crossing from Mongolia into Russia at the moment, and sharing photos on their blog as they go. It looks so amazing! When Ciaran got a puncture with a small split in his tyre he was potentially in a tricky situation..."We didn't have spares but luckily we packed some Sugru!" 

It patched it up well and they continued onwards. We assume he applied it to the inside of the tyre as we've seen this work well before. 

What an incredible adventure! Jealous? me? yes - very much so!

Congrats to the three of you! Lots of Sugru is on its way to you very shortly :-)

For a chance to win Fix of the Month or Sugru-er of the Month, just get some Sugru, fix, improve, hack or make some stuff, send us some photos and the story of your triumph for a chance to win loads of Sugru and a lovely t-shirt.

Keep on fixing and making everyone.

See you next month. — Jane

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