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Special Event!

Speakers' Growth Summit

Thursday, October 29

Let's adapt!

I'll be speaking at SGS2020, a conference devoted to helping entrepreneurs adjust to an (almost) all-virtual business world.

There'll be a ton of great presenters there, with expertise in various aspects of online brand-building.

And of course, there's a special discount for you. Just use promo code NINJA.

Some of what the conference will cover:

  • How to Elevate Your Brand Presence Online
  • How to Expand Your Influence
  • How To Easily Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • How To Easily and Effectively Master Virtual Presentations
  • How To Create Systems to Thrive Today and In The Future

The promo code expires on October 9, so get yours before then. You can sign up at

Next Live Workshop:

WebinarNinja vs Zoom vs GoTo

Thursday, October 22

5 pm AEDT - 7am BST - 11pm (Oct 21) PDT - 2am EDT

Why even bother with webinar software?

Why not just use Zoom or something?

Our platform includes marketing and sales tools the others don't have, or charge excessively for.

That's because webinar platforms and meeting platforms are two very different animals.

Come take a side-by-side look at your options, and make the right choice for you! Sign up below:


PS - We scheduled this one to be more friendly to our friends in European, Asian, and Pacific time zones. Gotta show a little love to this hemisphere!

From the blog:

Speaking of meeting platforms...

This post (from a few months back) might shed some light on the options we'll discuss at our next workshop. Take a look:

Are Zoom Webinars...Webinars?

If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: Zoom does not include webinars.

Zoom does not include webinars.

Zoom does not include webinars.

With Zoom, webinars are an add-on. An upsell. And that’s because they’re largely an afterthought. This is the most compelling fact that demonstrates what I mean when I say that Zoom was built for conferencing, not marketing; for meetings, not webinars.

None of Zoom’s plans, from their free “Basic” tier to their most expensive “Enterprise” tier, come with webinars included.

How much you actually pay for Zoom webinars depends on how many hosts and attendees you want — and it adds up quickly. For example, to use Zoom webinars for 1 host and a maximum of 100 attendees (most people’s starting point), you have to start with at least a “Pro” plan...Read the rest!

That's all for this week!

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